Ages ago, when I first became aware of the existence of The Fray (which was about two years after the rest of the world, and who knows how many years after the rest of Denver), I downloaded a copy of "Over My Head". I don't even remember from where now. A couple of months ago, iTunes inexplicably quit being able to play my WMA files, which meant I had to re-download about 86 things. Very annoyingly, all the versions of "Over My Head" I could find were ... different. Just slightly. Most people probably wouldn't give a rat's ass that the guitar sounded a little more echo-y, and the inflections were slightly different in some places.

But it bothers me! And I downloaded every version of the song I could find that day. All of them were the same. I thought maybe I was nuts, and listened to them again carefully. Nope, definitely different.

I tried again tonight, and I found similar copies! Yay! Except ... why do all these sound so much quieter? GAH! Why won't fucking iTunes just play my fucking songs!

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