Every November for the last few years, I've thought about taking on the National Novel Writing Month challenge and writing a complete novel in a month. Just, you know, because. :) Because I used to write, and I miss it. But every year, I'm too busy. This year, I'm arguably less busy than I have been in years, but I still feel like I don't have time.

I've only got one job, finally, plus school, but I'm going to spend most of the month trying to work more--I need to make, like, $400 a week to pay bills this month. That's only eight shifts a week if I average $50 per shift. But I'm only scheduled for five a week. So basically I'm going to be driving to the next town eight extra times a week, and yelling into the kitchen "Anybody wanna go home?" This will continue through December and possibly January.

I've also basically backed myself into a corner with my classes--if I don't seriously buckle down, I'm not sure what the results will be with one of them (only because this professor thinks attendance is an important part of a college class and actually gives a grade on it, the douchebag. ;) ). And attendance has never been my strong suit. I struggle with it for a simple reason: if I can do well enough to pass without going to class, why go? Why drag myself out of bed when it's still dark out, when it's cold, to go listen to somebody blather about things I already know (in the instance of these two classes)? I'd rather sleep, then cram. But I know that's a very bad habit, and I'm determined to break it in these last two months of class.

All of this doesn't leave much time for writing, but of course there's always going to be something stopping me. But maybe next year ... which is what I said last year.

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