Today didn't get off to a great start, though. When my alarm went off, I thought I hit snooze, but apparently I turned it off, because I woke up 28 minutes after I was supposed to be at work! Oops! Nobody seemed too pissed off at me though. It was a slow day; I made enough to put gas in my car, which is all I was really after today anyway.

After work, I rushed home and frantically cleaned for two hours because a couple of friends were going to be in town and I was embarrassed about my house. So I swept and mopped and scrubbed and vacuumed and scraped cat hair off my couch and coated every soft surface in Febreze and put away stuff that was just lying around in the way--including a big sack of random stuff that'd been sitting around at my apartment, so had been sitting around for two moves, but it was really random stuff like a wreath, a lunch box, two cat litter collecting mats, etc.--hung up some windchimes that were in the way, did all my dishes, wiped down the front of all my cabinets, cleaned my stove, cleaned out my fridge, generally gathered up trash, sorted papers, and in a week-late triumph, found my humidifier filter! I'd looked all over for it ... except for in a bag of random mail hanging on my small book shelf, because it just didn't occur to me it might be in there. Shows what I know.

So after all that .... my friends didn't come over. I ended up meeting them somewhere. But at least my house is clean now! And after I came home, I cleaned out my humidifier and got it going. It's only three months later than I should've done it, shut up. :)

I'm still feeling slightly sick; not really congested but still having some drainage, so my voice still sounds like hell. Hopefully a night of breathing in freshly humidified air will help. Yeehaw!

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  1. carla Says:

    Hope you are on the mend...and on the WAY over to help me get my domicile organized