I actually got quite a bit done yesterday. For me, at least. And considering that I slept really late and then went to a movie. But between that I put away laundry, unpacked three boxes, did dishes, tried to fix my shredder, cleaned the cat boxes, and took out the trash. It's more impressive when you consider I hadn't done dishes in two weeks and the boxes were full of a ridiculously random assortment of stuff. And that after that, the trash was considerable (collapsed boxes, stuff I should've tossed instead of packing and moving, etc.).

Today ... today I'm not doing much of anything, at least so far. I slept late, I had some lunch, I'm playing a game. I should probably stop harvesting flowers for Buttercup and do something around my own house. Maybe just one more level and then I'll do something.

Hey, I found my black lace bra I didn't know I'd lost!

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