And by good TV I mean repeats of action movies I've seen many times, so I can listen to them as I drift in and out of sleep. I had to call in sick to work yesterday and today, although I think I'll be alright tomorrow. I hope. I still can barely talk--when I called work at midnight last night to say I wouldn't be there today, the girl who answered the phone didn't believe it was me. When the manager came on the phone and I said who it was, she said, "The one who works here?" which made me laugh, croakily, and then she said "Oh my god! I can tell by your laugh. You sound horrible!"

She was very nice about it, didn't give me a hard time about not coming in or anything--which was a nice surprise, my last two jobs (prior to the one where I was basically the boss) always gave me grief about missing one no matter how sick I was. One of my bosses made me come in when I had a highly contagious eye infection, it took all my willpower not to stick my fingers in my eyes and smear her desk with germs. :)


Aw, John McCain was kinda funny on SNL last night. Of course the video is surrounded by Obama ads--way to harness the power of the Internet. But what does it say his campaign that the skit he's in mocks his running mate so much? Hmm. I'd better be healthy by Tuesday, otherwise I'll infect everyone else in line to vote!

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