So I couldn't sleep last night, even with a dose of Nyquil. I tossed and turned and woke up a lot. So I felt crummy to begin with. And then I went to work and talked myself into sounding like I was about to fall over dead. That's from five hours of work. And I'm supposed to do twelve hours tomorrow. Ha!

A smart person would have her humidifier running, in fact that would've been the case all week. And I am a smart person. Unfortunately, I'm also a ditz. I have a new filter for the damn thing; I just have no idea where I put it. The last time I saw it, about two months ago, it was in a Wal Mart bag on my kitchen chair. I was very excited to have found a humidifier filter at all, since I'd been having to buy them online for the last year. But then I had too many other things to do to bother bleaching my humidifier and getting it running again, and now I'm sick and suffering the consequences because I can't find my bloody brand-new filter.

I have no idea how to get myself into shape for a long, long day tomorrow. I can't afford to take any of it off; I need the money too badly. Of course, I can't waitress if I can't talk. I'm so screwed.

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  1. carla Says:

    heres hoping you feel better today and that it is BIGBIG TIP FILLED ONE...