One thing I did like about the mini-series of "The Starter Wife" was that, although it took place in the Hollywood upperclass setting, there was a certain reality to it. I did especially like the line where Molly, having a breakdown post-divorce, snaps "OF COURSE I'M CRANKY! I haven't eaten in TWELVE YEARS!" The new series has that same sort of mix of Hollywood stuff and reality, which is nice.

But within the first few minutes of the first episode of the regular series, I'm pissed. Molly and her friends Joan and .... umm ... gay guy who's name I don't remember ... anyway, they're at a mall.

Molly: I feel so thin!
(You're Debra Messing. You're a stick insect.)
Joan: That pretzel is the size of her head! (hissing) No wonder everyone is SO FAT!

Gah! Fuck you!

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