I didn't know I wanted to know how Cheetos are made! Thank you, Unwrapped! Seriously, I can watch Food Network for ages. Even the shows that feature cooking processes I totally don't get. Actually, I can watch Food Network Nighttime for ages--I almost never put it on during the day. Giada DiLaurentis and Paul Deen drive me nuts. :) Actually, traditional cooking shows in general drive me nuts. My mom used to watch them all the time; Frugal Gourmet and Julia Child and stuff. You'd think, growing up with the shows, I'd enjoy them, but not so much. I more enjoy the Good Eats style of show (despite the fact that Alton Brown is a fat-hater).

In other news, I'm craving pancakes. Why? I don't know! (And it wasn't Food Network, they were talking about Mike & Ikes when this hit. :) ) SF chocolate pudding will work for now.

I'm feeling sort of general crappy, but in such a vague way I can't even explain it. I don't have any aches or pains, my stomach doesn't hurt, nothing like that ... I just feel very .... blah. And since I don't understand it, I can't really counter it.

However, I'm trying! Booksfree.com is a nice distraction. I actually canceled my Netflix membership to try this one out--my Netflix queue was getting pretty scarce anyway, I there are a fuckton of books I want to read but can't afford to buy. Why not use the library, you say? Weeeeeelll .... I'm not so good with the returning-things-on-time thing. Which is why I own two books, two Nintendo games, and three movies that I originally just rented. So this service, where all I have to do is walk to my mailbox? Perfection! Even if I do have to pay for the privilege.

The only thing that sucks is that it's paperback only. Also annoying? When you go to look at a book, you don't get suggestions. If you add it to your queue, a couple of things will pop up, but usually by the same author, rather than in the same genre. Also, I find myself jumping over to Amazon every few minutes to determine the order of a series, as it just doesn't tell you on Booksfree. Somewhat obnoxious as well is the fact that it'll list two editions of a book, with different covers, and sometimes one is "rare" and the other is abundant. I suppose because they're cataloged by ISBN rather than title.

But I have hope! Netflix was rough around the edges too, back in the day.

Hooray! Star Trek: The Next Generation books! I can indulge my inner geek!

Interesting. "The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women"? Not something I'd put in the "health and fitness" category!
(Hello, people who searched for "anal sex" and ended up here. Sorry to disappoint you.)

I have this vague feeling I was actually going to write about something serious today, but hell if I know what it was.

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