I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who think that Powell is endorsing Obama because of racial issues; I think assuming that is racist in and of itself. But more to the point, in this interview on msnbc.com he cites problems with the Republic Party in general, as well as giving a glowing recommendation of Obama. I think it's awesome--it's definitely time for someone to speak up on a national stage about how nasty the Republicans' campaigning has been.

When I first learned that Obama was the Democratic candidate, I thought that meant McCain was a lock. Actually, I thought that when the Dem candidates were down to Clinton and McCain. I figured there were just too many "good old boys" like my grandfather who would never vote for a woman or a black man. Or a Democrat, in the instance of my grandfather, actually. Now however, it looks like Obama's chances are pretty good. This makes me happy.

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