The same day that Harriet at Feed Me! wrote about being asked if she'd lost weight, I had the same issue. But at the same time, I also got the assumption that I must want to. And that dark colors are slimming!!!11! I was having dinner with my dad and my grandma, and had just sat down after getting more water.

Grandma: Have you lost weight?

Me: Nope.

Dad: Why not?


Grandma: *sniff* Well then I guess that top is slimming. It's a dark color.

Me: It's purple, it's a good color for me.

Dad: Why haven't you lost weight?

I rolled my eyes at him and went to check on my laundry. When I came back, they were thankfully on to other topics. It's partially my own fault that my dad's asking about it--I asked him to make vegetables instead of potatoes, turned down bread, etc. I tried to tell him it was about feeling better, and that I wasn't on a diet, especially when he got all food police-y on me one night, but of course to my dad, 1) I'm fat 2) Fat is bad 3) so I must be unhappy 4) so I must want to lose weight.

I've tried to talk to him before about my weight--or rather, when he's brought it up, I've tried to explain why I wasn't trying to lose weight. I've tried to convince him I'm healthy. I've tried to convince him I'm happy, or at least that my unhappiness isn't connected to my flab. But he just doesn't listen. I'm not sure exactly why he's so certain my life would change if I weren't fat; I guess it's just general societal views having taken root in his head.

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