I felt better at work, but now that my Airborne and Dayquil are wearing off, blech. Although still not nearly as bad as my colds used to be. I'm just sort of ... not so much with the focusing, you know?

Which is why I've spent the last hour and a half since opening this blog entry ... umm ... watching old country music videos on youtube. It started out looking up Hal Ketchum videos. On Sunday when I was at my dad's house, I made dinner and was listening to my mom's old "Past The Point Of Rescue" CD that my dad ended up with it. I forget how much I like that CD. Anyway, from there I ended up on Patty Loveless videos and then on to Alan Jackson and then finally realized how much time I was wasting while giggling at the dumbness of a song called "800 Pound Jesus". It's about a giant Jesus statue, but I'm thinking of, like, SUMO JESUS MUST FEED or something. :)

Maybe I ought to get some sleep. :)

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