When a friend first mentioned that Palin supports aerial hunting, it didn't incense me all that much. It's idiotic, and unsporting, and just a ridiculous concept in general. Tonight, however, I read that it's not hunting of game animals for food. Nope. It's wolves.

As governor of Alaska, Palin wanted to offer a $150 bounty per wolf killed from planes. Are you fucking kidding me? Has nobody told this ignorant bitch that wolves are an endangered species? Actually, they were apparently taken off the list six months ago--but at the time Palin was supporting the slaughter of them, they were still endangered. Her reasoning is that wolves were killing the moose that hunters should be able to kill. Excuse me? Go to the grocery store and buy a fucking beef steak! Or shoot a deer instead!

I suppose this shouldn't surprise me. She wants to destroy the Arctic Wildlife Preserve in the name of oil, too. Obviously, she has zero respect for nature, and doesn't give a damn about the balance of the ecology. If them hunters want them a moose, we'd better slaughter all those innocent, beautiful natural predators. It's not enough that humans already have the advantages they do--motorized vehicles, high-powered weapons, the larger brain that allows humans to think of ways to more efficiently lure and slaughter wildlife. Nope, humans need to have near unchallenged access to those moose.

This really, really upsets me. Of course, I've had a soft spot for wolves since I was young. I don't remember how it started; I just remember being very excited when I learned wolves were being reintroduced to the west. I think they're beautiful, amazing creatures, and the idea of them being slaughtered--by plane or otherwise--just breaks my heart. It's not like wolves are a food source--these people are shooting them just for the hell of it. And our country's potential VP is all for it.

I really, really dislike Sarah Palin.

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