There's a certain salad at my restaurant that can be ordered will either fried or grilled chicken. The default option is the fried chicken; that's how it's pictured, and how it's described, with only a small line offering the grilled chicken.

Still, after three years I've learned to always clarify, as I've had so many people get pissed off and tell me they wanted the GRILLED chicken and that's how they ALWAYS get it and it just never OCCURRED to them I wouldn't KNOW that!!!

So now I clarify, but I hate doing it. I hate it because of the way people react, especially women. When I asked if they'd like grilled or fried chicken, the universal response is almost always a sort of sidelong glance at their companion ("Will my husband think I'm a pig if I get fried chicken?"), a sort of cocking of the head to the side, and then one of two things:

1) *sigh* I guess I'd better have grilled.

2) Oh, I'll be bad and have the fried.

"I'd better" and "I'll be bad". More values assigned to food, again. Now granted, some people like grilled chicken over fried. Some people it's just so ingrained they don't think about it. Those two just answer right away, without stopping to argue with themselves. But I really hate it when my question causes someone to sigh and make the "better" choice rather than what they want.

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