I admit it; I used to be a television snob. I hated reality tv shows. I did once watch an episode of Fear Factor, mostly because I fell asleep watching something else and woke up to people drinking acid squeezed out of cow's intestines. I was so disgusted I watched the rest of the episode. But other than that, I eschewed from reality tv.

And then ... a friend of mine got me in to Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. Not only is Bret Michaels hilarious and absolutely hot, the skanks fighting over him are incredibly amusing. Some of the women seem like genuinely nice people; some are smart; some are dumb; almost all like to drink in excess, wear incredibly trashy clothes, and backstab the others. I never thought it would be the kind of show I would like, but it totally is. As adorable at Bret and Ambre were together (season two), I will totally be tuning in on January 4th for the third season!

Rock of Love Charm School takes women from both seasons of the show, and puts them into a Miss Manners type of "school" run by Sharon Osbourne. It's not as great as Rock of Love--no Bret, after all--but it's still pretty hilarious. The cat fights, the backstabbing, the drama ... it all makes me feel normal in comparison!

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