Just like I thought, I crashed and didn't make it to class. I passed out on my couch watching Charmed at around 6:45 and woke up having missed class. I'm don't remember even feeling sleepy. I was watching "The Fifth Halliwheel" and then I woke up.

I slept until 2; and now I'm tired and sleepy and I wanna go back to bed. I have plenty of studying to do, but my eyes are watering and stinging and I feel sort of weak. WTF is up with this shit? Is it psychological? Is my brain trying to give me a reason to procrastinate? Is it a lingering effect of the cold that still hasn't gone away? Did I not sleep well? Is it the weather? Can I push through it? Should I go ahead and nap?

I'm really just having one those days where I wish I could be normal, at least in terms of my sleep and energy levels.

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