My computer is basically an internet/music box. I don't play high-graphics games or run big programs. And a couple years ago I did upgrade the RAM. But I'm starting to accept that my computer is old and decrepit and needs replacing. iTunes slows it down a lot, and my new Princess Bride game freezes up and stutters (and it's a cartoon game, not some crazy graphics thing). And then there are just a lot of random little freezes and blue screens of death and stuff.


Money issues aside, I still don't want to get a new computer. It's a huge fucking hassle all the way around--picking it out, customizing it, waiting for it to arrive, and most of all, transferring all my shit to a new machine. I don't even really know where I'd start--transferring files to my extra drive and hooking that up is simple enough, but I'd have to re-download a fuckton of applications too. And then there's the fact that everything seems to come with Vista now, and I'm perfectly happy with XP and that's what my programs are for. I'm not sure if some of them will work. Or there's the Mac option, theoretically--ha! Then there's laptop or desktop. Anyway, it's just a big headache.

I guess I should be grateful that I haven't been forced to get a new computer--this one will be eight years old next month. So it'll probably crap on out me soon. And after I get a new computer and completely sterilize this one, I mean like triple erase and scramble the crap out of it, I can give this to my mom because hers is even older and more funuckered up.

Although all of this is moot right now anyway, since it would be absolute idiocy to add another thousand dollars to my debts. Maybe I'll get a really, REALLY big tax return. Oh wait, I need a new car when feasible too. And I'm a waitress. Forget it.

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