Instead of being in bed, asleep, resting so I actually have energy to do things tomorrow ... I'm awake, stressing about bills and ways to make a little more money or save a little more money, and feeling terrified of my vast student loans that I'm going to have to start paying on right about the time I finally get my credit cards knocked out.

Stupid brain, shut off already!!

4 Responses
  1. carla Says:

    have you watched my video about vision boards?
    have you read the secret?


    and what made me realize (different video) that worrying for me was PRAYING FOR WHAT I DIDNT WANT.

    hang in there,


  2. purplegirl Says:

    I haven't read The Secret; I live under a rock. :)

    I'm getting a handle on my worrywart-ness. I used to be a lot worse. Now it seems to only strike a) when I've overexhausted myself or b) when my financial situation is such that I *might* make enough, but I might not. If I know I won't, I don't stress. Weird, huh? :)

    Get back to working on your core. ;)

  3. You're totally playing my tune. See me dancing? I have zero advice, other than . . . um . . . read something incredibly dull when you're trying to fall asleep?

  4. purplegirl Says:

    See, when I try that "incredibly dull" thing I usually end up doing things like staying up until four in the morning making a family tree of dead English people to try to understand the War of the Roses. :)