I was feeling pretty mellow until I got home. After hearing my dog yelping in the back yard and her running in and acting weird and not letting me touch her, I discovered the cat urine on my mouse pad. Yeah. That was just full of awesomeness. I can't begin to guess why she did that. It's not the first time, either, a couple of years ago she peed on the notepad I was using for my mouse.


So at work tonight, I noticed something. Several of the girls there, especially the ones in their twenties, are always talking about how they're "so fat" and "need to go on a diet!" etc. etc. Well, really, the problem is that their jeans are a size or two too small. There's one girl whose jeans are so small the "fat" on her hips sticks out over the waistband at least an inch in every direction. And she doesn't see that it's her pants that are the problem and not her. It gets very frustrating. Then again, quite a few people are wearing jeans like that, maybe it's some new stupid fashion trend. :)

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