I knew my credit score was bad, but I didn't know it was quite that bad. It's dropped almost 100 points since December. :( It's because after Christmas I got behind on a couple of credit cards, plus my medical bills might be affecting it, I'm not certain yet.

Speaking of medical bills, I've had good news and bad news. The good news is that it turns out my allergy stuff isn't expired! I talked to the nurse who mixes the vials, and she said that the insurance companies require her to give them three month expiration dates--I assume to prevent people from doing exactly what I did, have vials mixed before their coverage lapses. So I've got through January to use the first set, and February for the second. I'm hopeful that I can get through them that fast, I just have to make certain I go in twice a week instead of once. Of course, I'm not sure if the university health center is open next week (Thanksgiving) or what the hours are like over Christmas. I might have to see about going to a local doctor's office over Christmas especially.

The bad news was that I went in for a post-op appointment with my ENT, and his office staff quite snottily informed me that I had to pay. Even though I was told that all my appointments were included in the price of my surgery. But they kept insisting it was only for three months after my surgery. After I left, in tears (I cry when I get angry), it occurred to me that I got charged $200 for a post-op visit within that three month period, too! I'll need to call them tomorrow.

I decided to use my account with Dell computers to buy a digital photo frame for my dad for his birthday/Christmas. I wanted to get that for him last year, and then again for Father's Day; but I didn't have the cash, and it didn't occur to me that Dell might have them. And I shouldn't really accumulate any more debt, but I think even I can handle a $15/month payment, and it'll probably be good for my credit. And I want to give my dad something nice; he helps me so much, and I've always struggled with what to get him. But I think this will be perfect. I'll load it up with pictures of me, and warn him not to put it on his moss rock fireplace mantle or he'll fry it. :) It'll be worth the extra payment.

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