I spent half an hour last night sitting in a tub absolutely overflowing with foam because my dad didn't seem to get that. He was certain that sitting in his spa tub would clear my cold-clogged sinuses, so he turned up the thermostat in his room, got me a stack of towels, put on music, flipped light switches until I told him I had plenty of light, thank you, and then before leaving me alone he poured a bunch of Suave shampoo into the tub because he thought I'd like a bubble bath. I figured it'd be extra frothy, but I wasn't quite anticipating the wall of foam that rose over my head. When I emptied the water out of the tub, it was still completely full of bubbles. It took about half an hour of running water and scooping bubbles toward the drain before I gave up and left his tub with several inches of froth in the bottom.

My dad. He means well.

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  1. carla Says:

    OMG and WHY does that sound divine...