Problem one: I had to get up before ten.
Problem two: I got three hours of sleep.
Problem three: It's ridiculously windy.

All of these things I anticipated. What I didn't anticipate was:

1) I studied the wrong material. In fact, upon closer scrutiny, I studied material I didn't need to study at all this semester. Yeah, I'm smart. Still, I probably passed the test, it was mostly on management stuff, and there were psychology questions, and there were things that were obvious if you have a good vocabular and understand word roots. Annoying nonetheless.
2) Got to my second class, where the project was due. Yeah, the project I stayed up most of the night working on, neglecting studying for the other class (although I guess I'd've just studied more wrong material anyway probably!). Yeah ... surprise! That's now due on Monday. So I'm now exhausted for two shitty useless reasons.
3) Went to find out the status of my allergy shots, since I hadn't been in ages (first two weeks I was irresponsible, next two weeks I was sick, this week I dragged myself in). I was expected to be set back a couple of doses. I was prepared for that. I wasn't prepared to find out that my current vials expired in October, and my next set of vials expired this month. So even if I hadn't gotten sick, I'd still be out $300 for the second set of vials because I wouldn't have been at that dosage level anyway, and certainly wouldn't have gone through it in a month. But since I was sick, I'm out $600. AWESOME. Theoretically it's really my dad who's out the money; but in reality I've been seeing this allergist for a year and my dad hasn't paid him a dime yet.

Normally, I'd laugh at myself for #1. I'd be ambivalent to #2. I'd be annoyed as hell at #3 but would take it in stride. However, combined with the three hours of sleep and the impending twelve hours of work, I ended up sobbing on the phone to my mom on the way back to my car and feeling like I'm wearing a "kick me!" sign or something.

I know, I know, I'm whining. I shouldn't whine. None of it is that bad, and I fully realize that. I am completely conscious of the fact that my feeling of despair is a result of lack of sleep. But that knowledge isn't banishing the feeling. Hopefully, though, I'll have some time between serving shifts, during which I can nap in my car. :)

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