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I've always been a reader, for as long as I can remember. I remember being hysterically upset at about five years old when I threw up on one of my books--I guess I didn't understand it could be replaced. That was around the same time that one of my teachers read "Little House On The Prairie" to my class, and I was captivated. I got the rest of Ingalls' books from the school library and read them obsessively. When we went to the family reunion in Missouri, my parents made a detour to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum. I was in heaven. I still remember the smell of the place, and the gleam of light on her father's fiddle. My dad bought me a complete set of her books, and by the time we'd driven home to Colorado, I'd read every one. I still have that book set, actually.

Since then I've been addicted to reading, but I've been somewhat limited by real-life obligations and money. There are a lot of books that I got from the library, or from Booksfree.com, that I couldn't afford to buy. I've thought about finding them online, but that's always been a ridiculous headache. For example, I've read Kim Harrison's "Dead Witch Walking", but I don't own it. A couple of times I've wanted to look up something in it, while reading later books in the series, but I wasn't going to go buy it just for that. I've looked online a few times, but it was almost impossible to find it.

So I was pretty excited when I read about the pdf search through ebook-search-queen.com. I didn't find the whole of "Dead Witch Walking"--the pdf files weren't in place anymore--but I might have if I had an excerpt from inside the book. Most handy is the fact that you can limit the search by pdf, txt, ppt, doc, or rtf results, so I was able to eliminate the millions of pages that mention the book without containing it.

Overall, it was a pretty interesting search site, and I'm bookmarking it!

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  1. vesta44 Says:

    I use mIRC and go to the undernet channel there and there's a room called bookz where I've been able to download a lot of e-books. I think I have almost 1800 e-books on my computer right now (and that's not counting all the hardback/paperback books I've been buying). I'm also an avid reader, and belong to the Science Fiction Book Club and Rhapsody Book Club (gotta love those vampire/demon/werewolf/etc romances). I have close to 350 of them so far and keep on buying as ones of interest catch my eye.
    I have all of the Witch for Hire series so far, all of the Sookie Stackhouse ones, and all of the Anita Blake ones. My son has all the books I'd collected from 1970 through 2004 (close to 1500 books) and he's added to the collection since then (and yes, he's read them all, too). He's a bookworm also, he got it from me, I think.

  2. purplegirl Says:

    I wish I had such an impressive collection! One of my goals in life is to be able to buy books without having to budget for them weeks in advance, because I don't think any possession would make me as happy as a giant bookcase brimming with books.

    I love being a bookworm. :)