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We've all been to trade shows or county fairs where people have booths set up to sell crafts or advertise their services. God knows I've been to enough of them in my life, often dairy goat related. Some people just set up a table and leave it at that ... but some people go all out with their trade show booths.

It's funny; in all the time I've been going to events like this in my life, I never stopped and thought about where people get the supplies for these set-ups. I mean, it never occurred to me there's a special place to order table skirts for your homemade fudge stand. I didn't even know there was a specific name for the setup of drapes-like things that make a booth look like a
strange, but apparently there is: pipe and drape. Of course, banner stands are a pretty standard staple. But I thought people just went to local sign shops to print them up, I didn't know there were all sorts of types: retractable, rigid, etc.

It's funny how you can look right at something and not really think about what it entails.

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