The other day when I was at the store, I realized I've never tried gouda cheese. No particular reason, I'd just never gotten around to it. I'd used it in Mousehunt, but never eaten it. There are a lot of cheeses I've never tried, actually; I've pretty much stuck to cheddar, swiss, and mozzarella most of the time. Oh, and parmesan, I love me some parmesan. But I was bored at the store and decided to try something new. Quelle suprise!

So I got a half a pound of lightly smoked, thinly sliced Boar's Head gouda cheese, and it is freaking heaven. It's incredibly creamy; I've never eaten just cheese on bread before, but gouda is creamy and moist enough that I ate the entire half pound on slices of shepard's bread. So amazing. This particular type had a very, very light smoke flavor, which I don't always like, but in this case it was just freaking perfect. There are no words for how much I love this cheese. I'm going to have to start going to the grocery store during regular business hours, when the deli is open, just for that cheese.

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