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One reason I pay for cable is because of the difficulty in finding my shows online (The other is that I like to have the television on while I do stuff). It's a pain in the rear to go searching on dinner channels' sites to see if they have episodes, or go searching the Internet for other sites. So I pretty much don't bother with it. But I might start utilizing free TV online if I can find things a little more easily. Spreety.com is a sort of index site of legal places to view television shows.

The first thing I typed in was Nip/Tuck, but I was disappointed to find only clips. (This was the first year since the show started that I didn't watch the premier and every week thereafter--but I'd have to increase my cable package. I might see when they're having a marathon of the season and bump it up just for that one day!) Then I tried Ugly Betty, and that linked me to the CBS website where they have episodes. And I could watch full episodes of Days of Our Lives too, if I had the patience anymore to figure out what's going on!

Every show I could think of popped up and had a link to one place or another to see it, it's a pretty cool gateway site.

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