I probably shouldn't have jumped into NaNoWriMo without planning out my story even a little, or considering all the stuff going on. I'm supposed to have 50k words by midnight on the 30th--I have slightly less than 10k. I just haven't put the time in to it that I should have. Been too busy with school, work, blogging, and whatever else I've spent the last three weeks doing.

Theoretically, I could still catch up. If I could pound out 7,000 words a day, it could be done. But let's be realistic. Today I have a bunch of cleaning and baking to do, then a pre-Thanksgiving thing at my dad's. Thursday is Turkey Day itself, and I'll be eighty miles from home all day with my family and my best friend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I have to work; Monday I have classes and work. And I have plenty of actual homework I need to be doing, mustn't forget that. I can't justify spending all my time writing a novel when I have writing assignments for school to do.

I guess I'm throwing in the towel. I feel pathetic about it--but less pathetic than in previous years when I didn't even try.

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