My first class got out thirty minutes early, plus I have an hour gap between classes. So i'm sitting in the student center, rather bored actually. I actually forgot to stick a book in my backpack, which is nuts for me. But Jean Plaidy's "Royal Road To Fotheringhay" isn't captivating me, so I managed to forget it at home.

I'm going to work on a French assignment in a few minutes, but right now I'm just listening to Eric Clapton and watching the crowds of people. I've been at a university for long enough that most people's get-ups don't even register. There was a guy in full anarchist punk gear on the bus the other day, and I was just trying to figure out where I knew one of his symbols on his pants from. But every once in a while, I see somebody who I just feel bad for, because I feel like I'm looking at myself in middle school.

This girl just walked by who had a lot of individually interesting pieces on. Her coat was really cool, a full length trench in black and white checkerboard. But under it was a red and white splatter pattern polyester blouse--with one of those huge stupid puffs of ribbon at the throat. Big as her head, this mass was protruding from her open coat like a chest burster. Then she was wearing a skirt of some kind, with leggings underneath. Are the 80s back and no one told me? Because if so, I'm so on that shit.

The crowning glory of the ensemble, though, was her shoes. Red patent leather clogs ... With ballerina-like ribbons wound up along her calves. Think I'm done? Oh no. They also were wooden platforms, about three inches high. And strangest of all, the back bottom of the heel on both shoes was cut out, like those old geisha kind of shoes--but on the heel end.

I think she was wearing a hat of some kind too, but my brain refused to absorb any more of this mess. It's like the girl in my French class who wears pastel plaid short-shorts with neon piss yellow tights--I have to pretend not to see or my brain might start smoking.

Where the hell are Stacey and Clinton when these people are out scarring retinas?
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  1. I about rolled on the floor laughing at this post and picturing Miss What not To Wear together!
    I saw myself on WNTW and upgraded to jeans and jerseys from leggings and tunics. Everyone is noticing, but I gained a few pounds and the belt about killed me yesterday, while I was working to get ready for Open Studios this weekend.
    SO, this morning,my 'fat' clothes. Black legging, black jersey and favorite blue/green plaid flannel over that with a sweet periwinkle fleece vest. Ahhhhh, spandex. Felt so damn good all day. I prefer these over all other outfits :D

  2. Simon Says:

    Students have always dressed... how can I put this nicely? 'Differently'. One of my cousins is 19, he has a mohawk, two piercings in his lower lip, one in his upper lip, one in his nose, tattoos on his forearms and calfs - and he wonders why he can't get a job. "He wants to be an individual" he says... fine, be an individual at the weekend, but when you're trying to get a job you've got to play ball. Yes, he's a student at college. I understand about wanting your own look, but unfortunately, unless you want a job in an alternative clothing store where this sort of look will be OK, the world expects you to look a certain way when trying to get a job in, say, a posh restaurant or D.I.Y store (both places he's tried). Bless him and his youthful naivety.

  3. purplegirl Says:

    Mary, did you literally see yourself, or just someone like you? Because if it was really you, you should tell me which episode. :)

    Simon, we used to get people dressed like that applying at my store all the time. If they were articulate and not stoned, we'd consider them--but the multiple lip piercings had to come out while on the clock.