For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to get a a tattoo "someday". I used to think I'd get one when I hit 18--and I probably would have, but my ex was tremendously bothered by tattoos, and since I hadn't found something that really seemed like something I wanted, I didn't go ahead with it. I still haven't figured out what I want, although I'm pretty sure that at some point I'll get one. I've thought about a Sagittarius symbol of some kind, but I haven't found one that was perfect yet. Although this one is pretty cool--not quite my style though.

I'm not sure why a Sag symbol seems appropriate; I'm not really all that in to astrology. Maybe it's because of the centaur--since I love horses and mythical stuff. I also like Celtic designs--I love the triquetra, but I'd kind of feel stupid getting a triquetra tattoo since I first saw it on "Charmed"! But maybe if it were worked into a different design.

I guess it's strange that I know that I want a tattoo, but I don't know what I want. I think it's because it's a sort of family tradition. My mom and her siblings and her mother all have tattoos, and I've always thought they were just beautiful.

Oh wow. I was just browsing around through different sites, and came across some about tattoo removal. I never really thought much about it--just like you shouldn't get married thinking you'll get divorced, you shouldn't get a tat thinking you'll have it removed. But I didn't realize how amazing the laser removal technology has gotten. I've seen some people with big shiny scars from old-school tattoo removals, but I guess it can be almost totally removed now with no marks left.

I guess I was thinking of dermabrasion, with the big shiny scars, as opposed to that new-fangled laser removal. I found the picture on the right at the website for a Los Angeles dermatology clinic called Celibre--you can still see a very faint outline, but there's no scarring or anything, it's crazy how complete the removal is. (As an aside, it looks like they do good work at that place, so if you're looking for tattoo removal Los Angeles, there you go.)

Of course, I don't plan to ever have a tattoo removed, but it's interesting anyway. And has reminded me of a post I wrote last year about the perception of women with tattoos as tramps.

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4 Responses
  1. Simon Says:

    I have a couple of tattoos, one on each arm. My wife just got one done on her lower back, and seeing her get hers done, made me want to get more done to mine. That's the thing that you need to be aware of - a lot of people find it addictive. They get one, and think "that was cool, I want another". That's basically what happened to me. If you're nice, I might email you the pics of mine.

  2. purplegirl Says:

    Aw man, I have to be nice? Can't I just be a cranky bitch like usual? :)

  3. Some guy Says:

    After 2 years of chemical peels and 3 laser treatments (so far) I now have hideously scarred forearms with remnants of tattoo disigns instead of just really stupid tattoos. Truth be told, I prefer the scars.

  4. purplegirl Says:

    Ouch, that sounds really painful. Were they really details, dark tattoos? I'm just curious how that affects it.