(A sponsored post. But I still freaking love the purple jacket.)

My mom used to hang out with a lot of bikers, and way back in the day my dad had a Harley. I have a very faint, distant memory of riding on the back of a bike when I was very little--just on the rural road in my front of my grandparents' house, but to me it was an amazing thrill. I've always thought that some day I might get a motorcycle. When that day comes, I'll know where to get that jacket and assorted other bike stuff--helmets, seats, whatever a knee puck is ....

Of course, I'm a big pansy, so if I do get a bike I'll be covered head-to-toe in leather and some ridiculously high-grade helmet. I'm sure I'd look rather hilarious rolling down in the street in that girly purple jacket, with some flame-covered helmet from hjc motorcycle helmets. Or arai motorcycle helmets has some pretty spiffy designs. AGV Motorcycle Helmets seem to be good too, from the little bit I've read about them. They're all very sleeky and shiny and look like something out of a Fast and the Furious movie.

Actually, I'm such a pansy I'll probably never get on a motorcycle, but I can dream.

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