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  1. Purplegirl, I've been reading your blog and identifying with every word. I've been a waitress and suffered all the bullshit. I love cats and can't help taking them in, although my longtime baby boy, is Wendell, 13 years old and the love of my life. I'm adding you to my links. I can tell you have a writer's story in you and I want to link you to, the blog of a waitress turned writer. I have never read funnier stuff until I read your blog. I LOVE IT!!!
    I hope you write back to me.

  2. purplegirl Says:

    Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it! I'll check out the blog you mentioned as well, I'm always looking for new reads.

  3. Oh, whaddaya know. I already went on and on about Wendell ;/
    I sometimes overhear my husband telling people that if it came down to having to put him to sleep or Wendell, he'd (hubby) have no chance.
    I always say, let's not go there ;)