A girl in my creative writing class insisted on talking to me as I was walking down the hallway after class; apparently the headphones weren't enough of a signal. She asked how I was liking the class, and I was honest and told her I don't like poetry. I used to, but now I feel like I might as well just say what I want in prose. I said that I felt stupid writing poetry. Her response was, "I used to, too. Then I found Emily Dickinson, and my life was changed. I just said screw the rules!"

Right, because that's unique.

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    Okay, she used to be a banquet waitress and she wrote a book and got published. One of her funniest lines when she was writing her blog, entitled, Not Just a Waitress ( I helped myself to that title when I started writing my cleaning lady blog, but I digress) was that even the folks in the Manolo Blahniks act the same when they have too much to drink! :D