I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. I think her voice is annoying; I think her songs' subject matter is juvenile; and I am so freaking sick of hearing her songs! I think at work every night I hear four of them.

Unfortunately, the fact that I generally dislike her music doesn't stop her songs from getting lodged in my brain. Freaking ohrworms. I've had "Love Story" stuck in my head for what feels like weeks now. It's a pleasant enough sounding song; it's very poppy and catchy and all. I don't exactly hate it, but I don't really like it either. There are a lot of reasons; like the fact that it's crazy naive, for one thing.

But it also makes me giggle. First of all, anybody who uses Romeo and Juliet as a romantic ideal is just being lazy. And incorrect, really. Then mix that with a prince and princess metaphor--really?But this is the stanza that I really just love:

'Cause you were Romeo,
I was a scarlet letter
And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
But you were everything to me
I was begging you please don't go

That one line tossed in about a "scarlet letter" just adds whole hilarious depths to it. Suddenly this light-hearted teenage love is something adulterous and shameful! But wait--maybe it's just her, something about her will shame him and make him a societal outcast forever. Hilarious.

Yeah, I know I'm overthinking it!

4 Responses
  1. God, I hate that song.
    Hey, where did the blog I was reading last night go?
    I'm fat? Really? No Way! That is how I got to your other blogs. I laughed my ass off for two hours last night cruising your blogs. You are SO FUNNY!

  2. purplegirl Says:

    I had been trying to decide if I wanted to run four blogs or not, but I've decided to redirect the "I'm fat" blog here because I haven't had enough to say that relates specifically to being a fatass. :) All the back entries between this blog and that one are the same.

  3. I think I'm addicted to your blog. I've been cruising all the links from the other fearless warriors on the battlefield that is the restaurant dining room ;)
    Of course it's Friday the 13th. Can't wait to read your wrap up of your night. Hope it's not too hellish.

  4. purplegirl Says:

    I actually don't have any horror stories tonight! Quite unusual!