(Brought to you by la lettre D, as in Direct TV for Business.)

Everybody knows that the economy these days sucks, and every business in the world is trying to figure out ways to keep people coming in and spending their money. Some are doing it by slashing prices--like restaurants and their "3 for $20" deals--to try to get people in the door. Others are trying to play up their amazing customer service to hold on to people, and some and some are trying quirky, weird promotions.

But really, what works better than the standard: television. One way businesses might consider keeping existing customers happy is with the glory of television, with Direct TV for Business. According to their website, 90% of Direct TV Business subscribers think that having television helps to increase their business. I can see that; I know when I go in to places with a tv I tend to at least stop and look. Unless sports are on.

I don't personally have DirecTV, but my dad does at his house in the mountains, and his reception is always great. Also, the place I work at has Commercial Direct TV --and in three years I've seen a service problem exactly once, on a night where the entire state was getting snowed in. Even then, brushing the snow off the dish fixed the problem. From what I've seen, Directv Business service is quite reliable--and of course, they offer all sorts of special sports channel packages. That's great for businesses during this time of year, what with the hockey and the football and the basketball and I don't even know what else is on this time of year!

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