One week left before fall break, and then there are two weeks of classes after that. Then I have two days of finals, and this semester is over. That's kind of a terrifying thought, actually. I've got a lot to do before then. I also don't know if I'll be going to school next semester or waiting until fall. Or, hell, if I'll be going back at all--one of my grades is right on the edge of what I need, if I have an attack of nerves and bomb the final my GPA will be just barely below what I need to stay. And I don't actually know what my French grade is right now, haven't been given an update in a month or so. I can do an appeal, and you'd think a difference of .02 would be acceptable, but ... well, we'll see. Hopefully it won't even be an issue.

In three of my classes, I have a writing assignment and a final left to go. In one I have another quiz; in one I have daily homework and a cultural event to go to. In my fourth class, I have a poetry portfolio, two reading write-ups to do, and daily stuff. And, of course, I have my usual 30-40 hours of work a week, and stress about the fact that that isn't actually paying my bills anyway.

One more month. One more month, and then I'll know if I'm going back for spring semester, or fall; if I'm getting a regular job; or what the hell I'm doing.

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