Usually when I'm on Facebook, I'm totally blind to the ads. I'm so used to ridiculous ads that pull up my friends' profile pictures, or use scantily clad models, or at just freaking weird, that I just ignore them. Except when all my ads start showing up Norwegian--that is hilarious.

This particular add caught my eye, though, simply because the text on it was very oddly written. If it was a ploy, it worked: I stopped and looked at it, and eventually determined that the weirdly written word was "extravagance". But I also noticed the other end of the ad:

At first I thought that her shirt was just billowing up, but then I saw the bust definition. Seriously, her boobs are bigger than her head! It's ridiculous. When I saw the ad, and on a subsequent page another one for the same game, the first thing I thought was "Looks just like the Evony ads." I did a search, and chances are that Kingston is basically the same scammy game.

Since I'm not a gamer, I don't really know much about it, but the idiocy and blatant "BEWBSBEWBSBEWBS" tactics of their ads really aggravates me.

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