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One reason I'm glad I don't think I'll ever get married is because of the sheer amount of scheduling and arranging and details and stuff. I've seen enough people go through insane stress over floor charts, dress fittings, caterers, etc. etc. If I ever do decide to get married, it'll be a limited affair for sure.

One thing that I don't think will be an issue regardless of wedding size is what shoes to wear. I'd wear something really simple, because if you have a traditional wedding dress, nobody can see your fancy bridal shoes anyway. Of course, I have a hard time walking in heels! I also wouldn't necessarily do plain white shoes--maybe some bright blue or saucy red shoes. Oooh, or some super saucy shiny copper shoes! Zappos has some really cute wedding shoes, both flats and heels--I actually want some of them just to have them to wear normally. Like a nice pair of purple heels.

This is why I don't browse stuff online often--I just get a severe case of jealousy. Even though I'm not looking for shoes for a bride, I'm impressed with Zappos' selection of shoes. Everything from white to red to black to dyeable, in flats and heels and sandals and slippers. They're even in their own category--"bridal shoes". I didn't know that was a category, I guess I thought women just went and bought non-specific shoes.

That's the second new thing I've learned today (the first was that someone I've known for over a year used to be engaged). Quelle surprise.

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